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                        • View of Exhibitions Kelan Been
                        • 2018/5/10 閱讀次數:[3053]
                        • Exhibition Review of Kelan Pigment

                          Jiangsu Kelan Pigment has been actively participating in CHINA INTERDYE, CHINA PLAS, CHINA COAT and  International Coating Shows since its establishment. Over the years, "KELAN" brand organic pigments shows  on such platforms domestic and overseas. KELAN people enthusiastic reception of each customer with the high competitive pigments and dedicated service to win the trust and support of customers in domestic and abroad market.
                          Kelan pursues to supply the best quality and service to our customer.

                          China Interdye 2014

                          China Coat  2014

                          China Interdye  2015

                          China Plas 2015

                          China Interdye 2016

                          China Plas  2016

                          China Coat  2016

                          China Interdye 2017

                          China Plas 2017

                          China Coat 2017

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